Our Team

In addition to a loyal dedicated staff, Velour Imports contracts Ambassadors to help develop and enhance the portfolio of the organization. These Ambassadors include a worldwide database of professional graphic designers, writers, freelance artists, and other creative entrepreneurs.

Ambassadors employ young professionals to assist in supporting our partners through marketing the U.S. Craft segment at trade shows and conferences across the globe. We have an extremely high value for the relationships we have built with all employed personnel and contracted professionals. We make their experience with Velour Imports a focal point in our business structure.

Velour succeeds by keeping administrative and overhead costs low and utilizing a cross functional team. The company is not limited by the use of a brick-and-mortar warehouse; instead employees either work from home or utilize co-working spaces.

What makes Velour unique is the approach to value. Value management delivers the best benefit to a client, the overall goal is to maximize the value of Velour Imports. It is important to recognize that the decisions made today contribute to the value of the organization tomorrow. The goal is to not only purchase at the best price, but to optimize costs by getting the most “bang for the buck” through supply chain management. Long term strategy is to gain market share through aggressive price competition with a robust sourcing strategy that includes an awareness of competitive pricing.

In addition to using third party carriers for delivery and shipping, this company implements the use of automated, cloud-based, electronic tools of a enterprise risk management (ERM) systems.

Staff Directory

Brooke Sinclair,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Jones,

Procurement and Contract Manager


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