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American Craft Beer, Wine, and Cider Available Overseas?

You’re welcome.

Opportunities abound for American Craft Masters of beer, wine, hard-cider, and spirits. U.S. craft can be brought and introduced to markets abroad where it is now beginning to become a known phenomenon. U.S. crafts now play their own role in the rapidly growing field of specialty beers from well-known sources like Belgium or Germany.

We export American craft beer, wine, hard-cider, and spirits through partnerships and connections with international trade specialists.  Velour Imports holds substantial relationships with the Department of Commerce and Foreign Agricultural Service, but our specialty is simplifying the export process.

Based on the “rodizio” style of service found in Brazilian Churrascarias restaurants, craft makers of beer, wine, hard-cider, and spirits electronically signal (“flip the card to green“) our company through the secure log-in on the cloud based ERP and eProcurement system when you are ready to be serviced. But instead of sending men with sticks of meat to your brewery, we send logistic and transportation professionals to pick up pallets of finished product. Professionals continue to visit you until you “flip the card to the red side” to say no thank you.

Once the crafts leaves your care, we take care of the product until it reaches its final destination and quenches the thirst of beer lovers on the other side of the world.  We rely on cloud based inventory technology to monitor locations and temperatures because we are as committed to delivering the best flavor as you are to making them.


The pallet program is unique. We identified states across the Continental United States that proudly support the exportation of craft beer, we call them PODS. Each city is a pea.

Vibrancy of the American craft beer industry has already broken substantial economic benchmarks.  We believe we can enhance what Beer Connoisseur and Brewers Association have already listed as the World’s Top 20 Best Beer Cities.  We secure permits, certifications and, in some cases, submit samples of product to labs for analysis.

The pallet program permits international distribution without a long-term annual commitment which allows us to offer a variety of limited edition crafts to the world.


West Coast

California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado


Illinois, Utah, Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, Alabama

East Coast

Delaware, Florida, New Jersey
Maine, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York
Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland


West Coast

San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles Seattle,
Portland (Oregon), Denver


Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas Chicago,
Salt Lake City, Cleveland, Birmingham

East Coast

New York, Boston, Providence, Miami,
Orlando Newark, Philadelphia, Portland (Maine)

Sample a taste of just a few of Velour Imports services to your brewery:

Marketing and Brand Development
  • International market research
  • Identifying sales agents, representatives, brokers and distributors per country
  • Advertisement of your beverage to your ideal market through digital design firms that specialize in each region
  • Represent your brand at trade shows and conferences
  • Product placement at events and charity functions
Operations and logistics
  • Manage inventory through worldwide ocean freight, transportation, and shipment coordination
  • Secure customs clearance documentation
  • Invoices and insurance
  • Arrange export financing
  • Manage compliance with domestic and foreign trade regulations