About Velour

“Hi. I’m with Velour Imports, I’d like to get to know your product.”

At Velour Imports we believe in individuals who dream of doing, or becoming, more than who or what they are today. As a completely virtual organization, we believe in freedom from the shackles of brick­-and­-mortar office building, we would rather spend our time at getting to know you. We believe in delivering only the best benefits to our suppliers. We believe everyone has an the inherent right to enjoy tasty and refreshing beverages while traveling to any destination across the globe. Therefore, we sail America’s finest craft beer, wine, and cider across the seas to thirsty beer lovers. We provide an opportunity for American craft makers to reach consumers in foreign lands with ease. Our cost effective and efficient approach to conducting business is unprecedented in the international alcoholic beverage industry.

What makes Velour unique is our approach to value. Value management delivers only the best benefits to our suppliers and clients alike. Our overall goal is to consistently maximize the value to our company, to our supplier, and to clients. We recognize that decisions we make today, contribute to the value of our organization tomorrow. Our goal is not only to purchase at a fair market value, but to optimize costs and get the most “bang for the buck” through our supply chain logistics and management. Our long term strategy is to gain a substantial market share of the industries gross annual profits through aggressive price competition courtesy of a robust sourcing and marketing strategy.

How We Do It

Velour Imports is a 100% virtual craft export management company based in America. We distribute America’s finest craft alcoholic beverages of beer, wine, and cider to the rising number of luxury resorts and hotels around the world. We secure purchase orders from approved distributors, importers and agents. Then we develop brand recognition to help support the sales at that location. We also hold the federal, and state, export permits and licenses in compliance with the laws and regulations established by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). We also ensure compliance with international laws in regards to transportation and logistics of the product picked up directly from the brewery. To stay ahead in the craft export management industry, our company utilizes advanced, cloud-based technological tools built around the industry’s leading enterprise risk management system, e-procurement system, and automated inventory and supply chain management tools.


Our mission is to deliver the down home taste of America to thirsty individuals across the world while enhancing the prosperity of those who dare to dream of being more than what they are today.


To offer a comprehensive, efficient, EASY approach to selling in today’s international market.

“Small and independent craft brewers are putting American beer on the global map,” said Brewers Association President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Pease. “There’s a growing thirst from beer lovers in countries around the world for bold, innovative products from American craft brewers… Small and independent brewers are spreading the culture and community of craft beer around the globe.”