“The Flavors of America,
The Favorites of the World.”

Velour Imports offers the delicious flavors of America to resorts and hotels around the world.  We are dedicated to wholesale distribution of craft beer, wine, hard cider, and spirits.

Once upon a time…

American craft brew masters used to exclusively made delicious craft brews but only shared them with friends and family? Good news! These days, over 4000 breweries are selling not only at home but also in Europe, Asia and South America. They are selling to thirsty lovers of craft beers with a taste for a refreshing and flavorful experience.

“Small and independent craft brewers are putting American beer on the global map,” Brewers Association President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Pease said in a prepared statement. “There’s a growing thirst from beer lovers in countries around the world for bold, innovative products from American craft brewers… Small and independent brewers are spreading the culture and community of craft beer around the globe.”

The Challenge

Craft beer is still developing outside America. Luxury resorts and hotels may lack flavorful craft beers to offer guests. This is a common warning given by tourists. Though many islands have an island brewed Caribbean beer list popular with locals (and numerous destinations feature Heineken and Guinness), most other island beers are light lagers with little variation in flavor. There have been claims that there is a lack of quality beer between Jamaica and the Mexican Riviera. Therefore, when hotels want to serve these tasty beverages they are forced to ask how and where they can get craft beers from America.

The Struggle is Real

Even the most popular beers now available tend to only come in regular and lite. Moreover, there is no IPA option for them.   At best, you may find a popular, celebratory beverage made of tree bark and herbs soaked in rum, red wine and honey.

Happily Ever After…

American craft beer export volume grew 35.7% last year and generated almost $100,000,000 for domestic brewers. The U.S. beer market has witnessed a remarkable shift in consumer beliefs and behavior.  A few years ago, it was once thought that all Yanks drank Budweiser, to think! The best news is that people living in many other countries have come to love delicious American craft beer.

Velour is 100% dedicated to bringing American craft beers to destinations abroad.

Velour Imports Smoothly Sails Your Craft Beer Through the Challenging Seas to the Thirsty Worldwide!

We service the exportation of craft beer, distillates and wines. Professionals utilize established partnerships with international trade specialists through the Department of Commerce which helps us simplify the exporting process. Overall, we facilitate the acquisition of licenses and certifications and handle all operations and logistics.  We handle shipping coordination, exportation and U.S. customs clearance.  We develop contacts with sales agents, brokers and distributors in each country then provide marketing and branding support on an on-going basis.  “Basically, we do all the legwork. All you have to do is enjoy the benefits,” Brooke Sinclair, CEO.